100% proven natural Pain relief and muscle relaxant remedy from the hearth of Amazon rainforest

Chuchuhuasi® – “from Amazon Pharmacies”

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Why is Chuchuhuasi so unique? VIDEO says it all...


How quickly does Chuchuhuasi® help?

First improvement is noticeable after first couple of days of consuming. You will notice improved sleep, and relaxed muscles. But, as for most herbal remedies best results are achieved when taken at least for three to four weeks.


Can Chuchuhuasi® help me?


Chu-Chuhuasi (78)Painful joints, and other pains have different causes. If you have any of below mentioned problems chuchuhuasi can help you:

    • rheumatic diseases,
    • excessive sport activities, incorrect posture at work, heavy physical exertion, muscle injury,
    • lack of physical activity and overweight,
    • body pain during viral diseases (angina). »Patient says: All body is hurting me and I feel tired. This symptoms last for a while and can calm down afterwhile,
    • other diseases: endocrine disease (f.e. thyroid disfunction) and liver disease.




Chuchuhuasi is traditionally used for:


– relieving back pain,
– relieving join pain,
– relieving symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis,
– balancing and revitalizing glandular system,
– relieving stomach pain,
– alleviating menstrual cramps,
Chu-Chuhuasi-(65)– effectively stimulating immune system,
– as very efficient muscle relaxant,
– as help with sports injuries,
– to accelerate the degradation and elimination of lactic acid in the muscles,
– to regulate hormonal balnces in the muscles.

How to live a healthy life without pain?

Most often in western culture we usually treat arthritis and other joint pains with anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers. Fortunately there are many natural ways to relieve pain too that are becoming more and more common:

Vodna aerobika1. LOSE WEIGHT. Excessive weight increases the pressure on your joints, especially in the knees, hips and ankles.

2. GET MORE EXERCISE. Regular exercise helps to increase the flexibility of your joints. While walking and running can be stressful on your joints, water aerobics and swimming are best choices.

3. WARM – COLD THERAPY. Long hot showers or baths, especially in the morning help reduce the stiffness of your joints. Cold treatments with ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel can release pain in the joints.

Akupunktura4. TRY ACUPUNCTURE. Acupuncture redirects the flow of energy and creates the balance in your body. Always find experienced Acupuncturists with good credibility.

5. USE MEDITATION TO COPE WITH PAIN. Meditation can help you to overcome the pain. National Institute of Health (source) found that correct meditation can reduce pain by releasing tension and thus helps people who are suffering from painful joints.

Masaža6. GET HEALTHY FATTY ACIDS IN YOUR DIET. We all need omega -3 fatty acids in the diet for optimal health. Fish oil containing a lot of omega-3 can relieve sore and painful joints.

7. GET A MASSAGE. As they say at the Foundation for arthritis, regularly massaging aching joints help to reduce stiffness and pain and increase your mobility. Find professional masseur.



8. CONSIDER USING HERBS. There are a number of herbs that relieves pain in joints and bones. One of the most effective is Chu-chuhuasi – powerful natural remedy from Western Amazonia and is also used for centuries by millions of people in Americas.



Chuchuhuasi as herbal adaptogen and scientifically proven facts

Chu_box_300Adaptogens are substances that help the body to overcome the biological, chemical, physical and mental stressors by increasing the resistance of the organism and stimulate optimum functioning of the body and thus enable the organism to respond/adapt to stress.

One of the most powerful adaptogens that is becoming known all over the world is the tree Chuchuhuasi (more precisely its bark). The bark of this tree from the heart of the Amazonia is used for centuries by local residents for all kinds of problems (to relieve pain, heal inflammation, impotence, increase immune system , regulate the menstrual cycle, etc…). Because of its versatility, it is the tree most appreciated among the inhabitants of the Amazonia.

Its properties and positive effects are confirmed by numerous studies. The first study on Chuchuhuasi dates back in the 1960s and later there were dozens more studies which confirmed one or more positive attributes of Chuchuhuasi.

And most important. It is 100% natural. Without any known side effects. Strongest natural wonder from Amazonian rainforest. Used and trusted by people from all continents on Earth.


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Take 1 capsule one to three times a day with plenty of water.
First capsule take in the morning on an empty stomach. Last one before bed time.
For better sleep: Because it works as a muscle relaxant you can take 1 to 2 capsules 30 min before bedtime.
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